Annual UCL Quebec Lecture: Quebec: The Silent Revolution

Quebec Silent Revolution

MON, 14 DEC 2015 AT 18:30 

UCL-Institute of the Americas, Lecture Room 103, 51 Gordon Square, London, United Kingdom

In the 1960s Quebec witnessed the so-called Quiet Revolution – generally acknowledged as a period of spectacular transformation. In the 2000s there has been another revolution in Quebec – the Silent Revolution, a period of tranquil change that has nevertheless resulted in a transition from one era to another as profound as that ushered in by the Quiet Revolution.

In his talk, Jocelyn Létourneau will identify and conceptualise the very significant changes that Quebec is undergoing at the present time. In particular, he will argue that Quebec society is experiencing a deep-seated social debate that is producing a collective change in outlook. The three fundamental questions any society asks about itself – where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? – are being overtly raised in contemporary Quebec. And it appears that the answers proposed by those who are about to lead society are not the same as before.

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